Craftsmentraditional industry craftsmen


The products of Kyorinren®︎ are being developed with the cooperation of people involved in traditional industries and craftsmen in product planning and projects.

Morisan Co., Ltd.

Nishijin Textile

The Nishijin weave used in Kyoto mats is made by "Morisan Co., Ltd.", a traditional craft of Nishijin brocade cloth, founded in the 10th year of the Taisho era.

Nakanishi tatami merchant


The natural rush used in "Zendokoro" was inherited from "Yamagataya" by Sadakichi Nakanishi, the second generation, in Kyoto in 1937, and the name of the business was changed to "Nakanishi Tatamisho". We use motsu, a "Kyoto tatami specialist" Mr. Nakanishi carefully selected.



We use Futakuya Orin made from the same material as the 1,300-year-old Shosoin treasure "Sabori". Only one can be made from one mold, and the one and only tone is created by carefully finishing the entire process of 180 types of work over time.

Glass Studio Calore


Daisuke Matsumoto, a glass artist who runs a blown glass studio in Hozu-cho, at the foot of Mt. The one-of-a-kind brilliance matches the tone of the orin and creates a sacred space.

Ebara Industry Co., Ltd.

Tango Silk

“Tango chirimen” made in Tango, Kyoto, which is the largest silk production area in Japan, was registered as a Japan Heritage in 2017. We use carefully selected silk by Mr. Ehara, who specializes in Tango silk textiles, which are highly evaluated around the world, such as being used in Paris Collection.